Gatekeeper Wireless Key Review – Best to Secure your Data ?

This time, I have a cool product to show you, it is called the Gatekeeper Wireless Key, the company sent me the product to review it, but this will not keep me from giving my honest opinion, so let’s give you a brief description on what it does, the Gatekeeper Wireless key gadget will let you unlock your Windows or Mac computer when you’re just nearby, and then automatically lock it when you get far away from it, but that’s not all it does.

Design and Unboxing


First let me show you what’s in the box, the GateKeeper key fob is on top, it looks smaller than i have expected, with a small ring in which you can hang your keys, under the GateKeeper, you will find a 6 months lasting battery, and a USB dongle, this latter should be connected to your computer to detect the keyfob presence. There is also an extra cord accessory in case you want to hang the device on it.

So this is how to make it work, if you’re on a Windows device, you first need to download the Gatekeeper tool from the official website, once downloaded, you have to plug the USB dongle to the PC, after that, the Gatekeeper windows tool will guide you to pair the key, but wait a sec, don’t forget to insert the cell coin battery into the keyfob.

Paring and Configuring the GateKeeper Wireless Key

The pairing process is very simple, just press the Pair key button on the software tool like shown on the picture below, the PC will simply detect the key, the software is very easy to use, you have several options that you need to choose between, to select the way you want the Gatekeeper wireless key to work, but more on that later.


Now that you’re paired, you can explore your options, you can choose to automatically login using GateKeeper, this mean that your computer will unlock automatically when the keyfob is nearby, you can adjust the unlocking and locking range using the slider, you get far way for the next room, or just for 3 meters, and the computer will be locked, you get back, and the computer will be automatically unlocked. The second option is called “Touch To Login”, when choosing it, you will be logged in when you touch the USB dongle with the keyfob, logging out can be then done by pressing a button the GateKeeper key, also, you can choose to login using both the PIN and the Key, which means that when the GateKeeper is in range, you will be asked to enter your PIN, or finally, you can choose to not using the key at all, which is not the purpose of it!

A signal strength bar is also there to give an idea about the connectivity.

The Android App

Beside Using the device for your computer, and in case you’re using the keyfob as your car’s or home keys holder, the Gatekeeper Android app will let you use it to locate the keyfob in case you lose it, it is not a GPS localization, but the app will use Bluetooth to detect the device, if it is found, the keyfob will start to beep until you find it, and that’s can only be done in the Bluetooth possible range. So you can only locate your keys in a small range of one or two rooms. I really wished that you can lock and unlock your smartphone with the GateKeeper, but unfortunately not.

Lets Conclude!


So let’s conclude, the GateKeeper Wireless Key is now my favorite way to log in and logout from my computer, it is more secure and convenient, I have been using it for a while, and I did not encounter any bug or bad functioning, the key locating feature is also great, but the beeping sound is not very high, so if you’re trying to hear it in a crowded and noisy place, it will be very hard, I only use this feature to locate the my keys inside the house, and with turning the TV and all the other sounds off, but anyway, it is a plus to have this feature around. And I really hope the company makes it possible to lock and unlock your smartphone with the GateKeeper.

So is it worth getting? I will say definitely yes! Since is comes with two cool features at once, and since it works flawlessly.

8.5 Total Score
Excellent security!

An easy and convenient way to secure your data on your computer

Quality for the Price
  • Easy to setup
  • Works flawlessly
  • Small and Lightweight
  • High Security
  • Key localisation feature
  • Low beeping sound
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