Gear S2 will not be the only Samsung Smartwatch to be unveiled


Samsung has been teasing its next smartwatch expected on the IFA, the video teaser shows the Gear S2 with a round metallic case, a beautiful fashionable design that will surely compete, if not overruling the Apple Watch.

That’s what we have been shown, but according to leaked reports, there are claims that Samsung is hiding another device! and it is the second version of the Gear S2, it probably will be a classic version of the teased model. The company did the same thing when unveiling its smartwatches last year, but this year, we may see a higher quality and a more premium design for the classic model.

According to Android Headlines, the Gear S2 will be equipped with a nano SIM slot so you can make calls without having to use your phone, well that’s not a new feature for Samsung, the company has already included this in the Gear S. Hope you’re excited for the Gear S2 the same as me!