Google’s contact lens could run on solar power

Few months ago back to March 2015, Google has filed a patent about a smart contact lens, and with these news that you’re about to read, the smart contact lens thing is now more serious. So here is what you need to know.

A new patent was recently filed by Google, confirming that its smart lens really exists, and it might be running on Solar energy, the smart contact lens is a wearable communication device packed with a memory, a microprocessor and other sensors, yup, all in that small package. like mentioned in the patent, the smart lens will be powered by “optical signals.” which let us suggest solar energy, bulb lights or even the light coming from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

The small device is being developed inside the Google labs, and it is basically aimed for health tracking, the smart lens would be able to track the wearer’s blood alcohol levels, temperature or even allergens in the air, it would be also used for processing visual images like price tags and more, the smart lens could be also very useful for diabetics, allowing them to monitor their glucose in real time, using a dedicated smartphone app that could be paired to the lens.

When it comes to our lives, this device could be a life saver and a game changer in the sea of wearables, it could be able to prevent and protect the user from possible germs and diseases and more, the previous patent showed that the lens could be charger via radio frequencies, so until getting more informations about this project, tell us what do you think about it?

  • James A Parr

    Prescription? Probably not.

  • Jack

    Yup , Google is your new doctor