Google Is Making Android Wear Compatible With The iPhone – Will It Affect Apple Watch Sales ?


Google is certainly feeling the danger of the Apple Watch being for sale in the next couple days, that’s why the company is planning to protect its androidwear platform and smartwatches from the rough competition.

As you know, Smartwatches based on Google’s Android Wear only works on Android smartphones, and despite their large numbers (the phones), the wearable devices were not sold in the big expected number, that’s why Google is relying on the 66.5 million sold iPhones 6 to boost the android smartwatches sales, but will that do the work ?!

Google has just announced that it will make the android smartwatches compatible with the iphones, which mean that iPhone owners will be able to use wearables other than the Apple Watch on their smartphones, Google will soon release an iOS app that will let this be possible, and until now, the App will support only basic functionalities like phone notifications, emails, google now and some more.. and updates will be surely rolling.

With this big step, Google is working on reducing the Apple watch sales before even beginning, the company obviously want to attract iOS users to a big number of androidwear smartwatches that could impress them. Will that be happening ? leave a comment and say what do you think !