Google is Preparing a Medical Wearable Wristwatch


After the Google Glasses, the company is continuing to add its innovation in the wearable tech world, and this time, with a medical wearable device that will track the user’s health.

A big chance you are thinking it is an Android Wear based device, well you’re wrong, the Wristband/Smartwatch device is only dedicated for health tracking and control, and it is not going to run Android Wear, the device will be mainly used by doctors to track their patients health such as heart rate, it will also detect surrounding light and sound conditions.

The device is being developed and tested in the Google X research division, and according to Bloomberg, the head of the life sciences team at Google Andy Conrad said: “Our intended use is for this to become a medical device that’s prescribed to patients or used for clinical trials“, “it won’t be marketed as a consumer device“.

So according to these informations, the new Google medical Wristwatch will be a medical one rather than a mainstream product, but i think it is like the Google Glasses, it was for developers then turned out for consumers but with a really high price of $1500. So stay tuned for further informations.