Google Is Working On A Cancer Detecting Wristband !


Google never stops with amazing and surprising us with their advanced researches and invention, this time in the medical field, Google has recently secured a patent for a new wristband that can could detect and maybe cure cancer cells, the cancer detecting wristband is being developed in the Google X Labs, and in this early stage, the researchers are using moulds of human arms composed with both synthetic and real human skin issued from donors to test the project. The company is also working with 175 healthy volunteers to collect physiological informations.

How It Works

According to Andrew Conrad, head of Google Life Sciences, the wristband will work with the help of nanoparticles pills that circulates inside the human blood vessels, those nanoparticles will collect cell’s data and detect the infected ones, then, the wrisband will collect the nanoparticles pills thanks to a magnetic field and decide whether there are cancer cells. According to Google informations, the pills may light up the cancer cell so the wristband can act on them.

This is just simply talking, this a much more complicated project that will allow for earlier cancer detection, which will somehow prevent this deadly disease.


Will It Cure Cancer

It is not sure yet, but according to leaked infos, the wristband could target defected cells using an external source of energy like ultrasound or radio frequencies, the company also stated that the device can target any substances inside the blood that can affect the person’s health. More informations are surely coming to confirm whether it will treat cancer, stay tuned !