Google wants to bring Blood Sampling to future wearables

Yes you read it right, blood sampling, our existing smartwatches are already packed with advanced sensors to measure your fitness statistics such as walked distances and steps, heart rate, slept hours and much more, but Google wants to make it more medical oriented, by sampling your blood!

According to a new patent filled by Google, the company is working on a small mechanism that will make regular blood tests for its user, the mechanism is composed of a gas-powered micro-particle that goes into your skin to get a small drop of blood into a small container, the blood could be then analyzed to track more informations about your health, specially for those with diabetes. It it obvious that Google is more and more focusing on medical purpose wearables, first it was the patent about the smart contact lenses that could run on solar power, and now, here we are, blood sampling could help you diagnosis your health state while staying at home.

blood sampling smartwatch

Everything is still on paper, but sooner or later, Google is going to make all of those patents useful in one way or another, so stay tuned for more to come!