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Google Wants To record your life and make it searchable!


Google is digging more into our privacy, first it was our emails, then our phone numbers, then our photos, and much more privacy data.. and now, the tech giant wants to record every step of our daily life and make it accessible via its search engine. Well, i will not deny that i’m a hardcore user of Google services, but recording my life is not comfortable for me!

Trademark Office and the US Patent has recently offered Google a patent to record live actions and experiences using a wearable computing device, according to the patent, the wearable device, which is supposed to be the next Google Glass, will be allowed to record your daily life using footage and videos then upload and categorize them to an online database in order to make them searchable.

The online search will let you understand and know more about your actions, and it will also let you remember things, imagine you want to remember where you have been in an exact day from the last year, well, you now only have to search for that, “where did i go last year on dd-mm-yyyy?!“. This search option will also extend to your family members and friends, letting you know what they did last night and where did they went! Their f*ckn privacy right! Much more search queries can be accessed like, “who are the people that i met yesterday“!

Google has already revealed their new powerful and simple search queries for photos like just typing “Photos taken in Paris“, and you will get all your photos from your trip to Paris! So are you willing to give away more of your privacy? Tell us in the comment section below.