HAMSWAN Wireless Doorbell Review

This time I’m reviewing a kind of a smart home product, it is a wireless doorbell, and it is very affordable, it is called the HAMSWAN Wireless Doorbell, simply as indicated by the name, this is a Bluetooth doorbell that claims to save you the time and money by just going wireless, so does it worth getting, this is what you will be figuring out.

Unboxing and Installing

So what’s in the box, you get the two main parts of the device, the transmitter that will go to your door, and the receiver that will be plugged into any electrical outlet, and of course some paper work. In order to install the transmitter, you can do it in two ways, one, by mounting the provided screws, or, by using the included adhesive sticker if you don’t want a permanent position, or to mess up with your walls. and that’s what i did, and i got to say the sticker attached strongly to the wall.

For the design, i think the transmitter and generally the HAMSWAN Wireless Doorbell is something you will like to see on your wall, specially with the Blue LED light when pressing its button, on the receiver side, it is good to know that it is very lightweight to be easily mounted it on the wall outlet, or any other electrical outlet, also you have the option to use it with a cell coin battery.

HAMSWAN Wireless Doorbell Features

You get three control buttons, one for adjusting the ringtone volume with four levels, and the two others are backward and forward buttons with which you can select from 52 different available ringtones, so i think that’s great to change your doorbell sound once in a while, and this is of course the speaker that will deliver the sound.

So what this is for, in fact you can use it in multiple ways, lets say you don’t have a doorbell in your house, but don’t want a complicated installation or wires going everywhere, this is the way to go, just fix the transmitter on your door, and plug the receiver inside your house, and after an easy pairing process, you will have a doorbell in just few minutes and without spending too much. Also, if you’re by any chance a hotel owner and reading this post, you might find it useful to put in the reception or in multiple rooms, i mean anyway, the uses of this are really unlimited.

HAMSWAN Wireless Doorbell

A bluetooth doorbell for a very easy installation

$16.99 $29.99

HAMSWAN Wireless Doorbell Review

and there is no worries about the transmitter when it is outside, because according to the company, the HAMSWAN Wireless Doorbell is IP44 certified , which means it is splash proof, so I’ve tested that by simulating some light to heavy rain, and the doorbell still works fine.

Now that i showed you the features and the pros, let us talk about the downsides, and the things to improve, the thing i don’t like is the very basic and only functionality, of course you get wireless and an easy to install doorbell, but, i think some extra and simple features will not hurt, or even increase the price that much, for example, i wished there was a microphone on the transmitter in order to leave a message when nobody is home, or to talk directly like using an inter-phone, so, i wish the company take this into consideration, because it will make much difference.

  • Good design
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple ringtones
  • Waterproof

  • Lack of microphone
  • very basic functionalities

According to the company, there is also an interesting way to use this, but I did not had the chance to try it,it is by using multiple transmitters with the same receiver, or even motion sensors, you can actually pair up to 10 transmitters, then install every one in a different place or room, I don’t know, maybe you have more than one access door to your house, or you want extra transmitters in multiple rooms. I have also tested the connection range, and it works fine in my small apartment, but if you have a big house, this can work for an up to 900 feet range without loosing connection.

Bottom Line

So do you need to get this ? well if you don’t have a doorbell in your house, or have a big house that needs more bells, I definitely recommend this, because it works flawlessly and it comes with a very affordable price.

So this was my review on the HAMSWAN Wireless Doorbell, if you have any questions, feel free to tell me on the comment section.

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Great For the Price!

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