The Hand Engraved Apple Watch by Made Worn


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There is a chance you didn’t like all the Apple Watch models, the Watch, the Sport and the Edition, well now you have another beautiful choice. Made Worn is a Los Angeles based company specialized in hand made clothing, art, and accessories, and the soonest they got their hands on the Apple Watch, they made it look much prettier with the design shown in the pictures gallery.

Made Worn specifically turns your new accessories like time pieces and clothes to something that looks beautifully old, unique and antique, so if you already own a watch or a bracelet and you would like to customize it, you can make your order on their website. So you know, the design shown in the pictures is directly engraved is the Watch original steel, which tell us about the Apple Watch case strength. You can even get the bracelet engraved or choose to use the leather band if you already own it.

This work of art will not be that cheap, your Apple Watch modified will cost you $10.000, just like the Apple Gold Edition! Any way, Enjoy the photo gallery above.