Here Earbuds Will Let You Control The Outside World Audio

here-1A huge number of tech projects is being created every day and launched on kickstarter, but this one is very unique, you can tell by seeing the huge raised amount of $555715! and you won’t believe that it is just a wireless earbud, but trust me, it is not like any earbuds you’ve seen before.

What it is

Here is a new wireless earbud that will allow you to control the sound throught a dedicated app, so you can hear the sound the way you like it, and guess what, it is  not the music sound playing from your smartphone, imagine you’re in a concert, and you want to hear more bass and make the drums sound louder, here will let you do it using your smartphone, well that’s freaking amazing!

How it works

Here is equipped with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that will act like a studio inside your ears to provide you with an equalizer and effects to transform real world audio. According to kickstarter, Here can “give you control of any and all live listening experiences: Suppress the jet engine on an airplane. Reduce a baby crying. Boost the bass  at a club. Live mix a concert by adding reverb. Enhance your senses and personalize every listening experience.”



Here is implemented with variety of signal processing algorithms that manipulate frequency ranges to modify the sound when it enters in your ears, the audio signals are processed inside the earbuds then delivered for you in an amazing speed of under 30 microseconds.


Well the project is already on success by raising a whole $555715, but if you want to contibute and be one of the firsts to get Here with lower price, you can do it on kickstarter, there are 6 days remaining, but if you want to wait until the beginning of 2016, you will be able to get it with a price of $249.