How Apple Watch is changing betting

When the Apple Watch was finally unveiled, no end of possibilities were put forward as to how far the new technology could go. One area where wearable technology has a particular scope is in the gambling industry, with gaming on the go now being a huge part of modern betting. With mobile devices now responsible for 30% of total gambling revenue, it’s no surprise the industry is excited about the prospect of people being able to play from their watches.

While the Apple Watch isn’t the first smartwatch to have hit the market, it is the first expected to cross over into the mainstream and become a common piece of personal technology, with Apple Watch 2 now set to be released this year. But for betting fans, it’s the opportunities it gives them that has gotten the industry so excited. Multi-channeling is all the rage right now, with software developers trying to adapt casino games such as roulette, poker, blackjack and slot games to various platforms.

This has certainly been helped by IOS 8, which has been labelled by many as the most developer-friendly software to have come from Apple. Being able to work with Apple’s technology has given a huge amount of scope to gaming developers to create betting apps and mobile casinos for these watches. There are numerous aspects of betting which would be helped by having access to a sport-book or casino on a watch, not least in-play betting. Connected to an iPhone, the Apple Watch would allow punters to keep on top of all the action wherever they are.

apple watch

All the latest information would be picked up and stored on the watch to help users make bets based on real-time information. Being able to access a bet or place a wager seconds after an event gives punters more control than ever before over how they gamble, and voice activation means you can quickly cash out or make a new bet.

Microgaming have really taken the lead in future development, and it was them who created the first ever five-reel smartwatch slot. The developers were also responsible for The Dark Knight being released on Samsung Gear, where it has quickly gained fans and plaudits by both players and industry experts. Microgaming have a history of developing apps for wearable technology, and the company created a sports betting app for Google Glass, combining live sporting action with in-play betting.

Wearable technology such as Google Glass and Apple Watch are helping bring punter closer to the next level of betting. Not only can players now get the latest sports changes and results in real time, they are also able to replicate bodily movements like spinning a roulette wheel or throwing a dice. With virtual reality now looking ready to become a major part of the industry, we could be about to embark on one of the most exciting stages of gaming. As developers and online casinos continue to grow and explore these technologies, it’s a very exciting time for the entire industry.