jawbone up 24 firmware update, This is how to do it


As you ma have heard, the jawbone up 24 firmware update is released, and if you’re a Jawbone owner, you will surely agree to make it, do you know why? because the latest firmware update bring a huge improvement to the battery life. The fitness tracker was able to last 7 days under a single charge, but now, and thanks to the update, the Jawbone UP 24 will last for whole 14 days! A software change that doubled the battery life, that didn’t happen anywhere in the world. So in this simple tutorial, i’m going to show you how to make this update.

For Windows user

All you need to do is to download the official Jawbone Up Firmware Updater from the jawbone website, so it you’re a windows user, download it from here.

Launch the downloaded file to make the tool setup, Windows may ask you to install a specific .NET framework version, please accept it in order to complete the setup.

Next step, Open the installed software, bring your device, and plug it to your computer using that little USB cable that used to recharge the jawbone up 24, the software updater will automatically detect your Up 24, then search for available firmware updates. In that time, open your smartphone Jawbone UP and your Bluetooth to make your fitness tracker sync data (that’s important)

Once the firmware update is found, press “run” to make the update, a warning will be displayed to tell you your jawbone up 24 data will be erased, don’t worry, press the button to continue.

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Then, the update will be done in under a minute, after that, re-open your Jawbone smartphone app to sync your new data again. Now you’re ready to enjoy 14 days of battery life.

Wait! After completing the update, do not unplug your USB cable, wait for the Jawbone UP 24 to be fully charged before doing it.


For MAC OS users

First download the MAC OS software updater from the Jawbone Official Website(X 10.5 or later, Intel only) , here is the link. Next, install the tool on your MAC computer. And without making this longer, the steps mentioned for windows are exactly the same for MAC, just follow them to enjoy your 14 days battery juice.

Have questions? leave them on the comment section, and i will be more than happy to answer them.

  • Marlisa Jacobs

    I have a mac book and I followed the mac process, but the install only gets to 35% and then says install interrupted. Help?

  • DigitalPigeon

    A year later but I found this page as I have the exact same issue. The update causes the device to reboot at 35%, which causes the update to fail. Kind of flawed update 🙁

  • Rahul Kumar

    For Windows, I get Unknown USB device error. My UP24 is not getting recognized and the reason i am not able to update.