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Jawbone UP24 Review

It has been almost a year since the Jawbone UP24 wristband was unveiled, and if you still don’t know what it is, the Jawbone UP24 is a fitness and an activity tracker wristband, it a simple wristband that comes without a screen on it, it is supported by an Android and an iOS App that sync with the gadget to show you informations about you daily activities like step walked, calories burned, heart rate and other, you can setup goals through the App and see whether you reached them at the end of the day, you just need to sync the wristband with your smartphone via Bluetooth, so there is no need to take it off, even at night ! The Jawbone UP24 features a sleep monitoring option. Well, that’s generally what it does.




Jawbone UP24 comes with a simple design, no touchscreen, and no obvious buttons on the side, which makes it lighter than its competitors, so, you will not feel any extra weight when wearing it all the day long, and at some point, you will not notice it ! I personally prefer this simpler design without a screen, but some of you may want to track their data in real time, using an integrated display. The device comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, and also in different great colors, black, blue, red, pink, lemon lime and orange.  On the end of the wristband you can find a syncing button to set up a Bluetooth connection and switch between day and sleep tracking modes, also, you can find a little LED light that can give the battery and charging status, also on the end side, there is a 2.5mm charging connector to plug it via micro USB for recharging.

PS: If you want to know your perfect size, you can check this Jawbone simple document.



The great innovation from the company is the Bluetooth Smart syncing, unlike the previous Jawbone, you don’t have to see your data only by plugging it to the smartphone, all you need is a Bluetooth connection, and you’re ready to sync ! the device is based on a pedometer to count your walked steps all the day long and based on all tri-axis accelerometer technology, a complex algorithm will count your burned calories then show you your important data on the UP news stream, after analyzing personal data, the system will then make recommendations to improve your step count. Also, the Up24 comes with a sleep monitoring feature that will track your slept hours and sleeping quality, to enter in the sleep mode, you just need to press the button at the lower end of the device. It is all about your health,that’s why you can manually log your food consumption and workouts then let the App decide how was your day to give advices.

Every Monday, Jawbone will send you an email to remind about your last week activities and sleep states. Another thing is that you can set reminders and alerts and choose whether you want to be notified through your phone or by small vibrations on your wrist.

The battery of the device is quit good, the Jawbone UP24 can last up to 7 days under a single recharge, and that’s largely satisfying even it has a shorter battery life than the previous UP.

The big missing features that you may need, is that the UP24 is not water-proof, that’s sad 🙁 , and some of you may want to swim or do some beach activities while wearing it, well, that depends of your needs.


Jawbone Up 24 App

The device has an available App both on Android and iOS, and it is for free, the app interface is dominated by the two progress bars that gives sleep and step count, there is also a good number of third party application support, so you can import data from the likes of RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and Withings.. Switch you Bluetooth on and you’re ready to go, the app sync to your Jawbone wristband and gives you all the informations, you can load your daily data from the history and you can also set your goals for the day by using the “ToDay i will” feature. If you own a Motorola Moto G or a Google Nexus 5 and aboven you will enjoy the real-time data syncing. Sometimes, the App feels a little sluggish to load data, but that will not bother you, the UI is much more great !



The Jawbone UP24 is the simplest activity tracker wristband you can get, it is very precise and reliable, and the design is great, you will not feel its weight while wearing it. Depending on your needs, the downsides are that the band is not water proof and it don’t contain a built in screen, but that’s not really important when you have Bluetooth syncing features along with a practical simple design. If you like it, you can hit the Amazon button below and get it, some colors are on sale !

8 Total Score
Simple And Useful !

The Jawbone UP24 combines both style and functionalities.

Jawbone App