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Jawbone UP4 and UP2 Announced Before Even Shipping the UP3 !

jawbone up4

Every Jawbone fan was waiting for the delayed UP3 release expected for next week, and even that  the UP3 is still not shipped, the company announced the next wristband ! The Jawbone UP4 is the new fitness tracker by Jawbone, but why this quick announcement ? the company will integrate an NFC chip to the new device, and after its partnership with American Express, Jawbone decided to integrate NFC payment to the UP4, which makes it the first pure fitness tracker in the world including this option.

Beside this new feature, the UP4 keeps the same health options of the nearely expected UP3, a heart rate monitor, a deep sleep tracking system and more.. s a result of this partnership, every holder of an American Express credit card will enjoy paying with his fitness tracker, the App will allow you to introduce your card’s data.

Jawbone Up2

Next to the UP4 that will be priced at $199, an UP2 wristband is also announced, and it will includes almost the same features of the previous Jawbone UP24 with an improved design, and this one will cost you $99. 

If you’re not an AmEx client, you will have to do it ! or ignore if you’re not interested in such a feature. You can leave your opinion on the comment section below.