Jaguar F-PACE has a second wearable key!

This might be the perfect double key for your car, Jaguar is bringing a new way of securing its latest SUV, the device is in the form of a waterproof wristband and it will be used as a second key for the latest F-PACE SUV model.

The idea of this wristband it to secure your car while the first traditional key stays inside of it, so when you want to want to get off your car and have fun, like skiing, swimming or making sport, having your keys with you can prevent you from freely moving, you will keep worrying about dropping or loosing them, that’s why this wristband will allow you to leave your keys inside the car and get away from it without needing to worry.

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Once worn, you can get off you car and go to the Jaguar logo in front of it, touching it with the RFID equipped wristband will lock the car and make the keys inside useless, the device will totally control the car’s security, so when some one break into your F-PACE, he will not be able to do anything with the traditional key fob.

This second RFID key should be purchased separately from the car, and it will cost around 1200 USD, well we know, that’s expensive, but that should not worry you if you had already got a 48000 USD Jaguar F-PACE!