Leaked Images of a Samsung Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker ?

Samsung seems to be hanging to its Gear Fit fitness tracker series, some people are already forgetting about it, but according to some leaked photos, the company wants to bring its device to life again, and it should be called the Gear Fit 2.

After unveiling the Gear S2 smartwatch consumer’s hopes were beginning to grow for a new fitness tracker that look something like the Gear S2, and that seems to becoming true, we have previously covered leaked images of a new round display shaped fitness tracker, and while that is on hold, the new images shows that the new Gear Fit will feature the same design language as its older sister, but with slightly improved curves on the display to make it more ergonomic. According to the insider, the new device will run Tizen and will pack a GPS, something that will make it a Microsoft Band 2 potential Competitor.

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No further details were unveiled, so we still have to wait more to know about the full specs, the price and the release date.