Legato Arc Wireless Headphones Review – Worth the $99 ?!

I think by this point you might know that for wireless earbuds, I’m a neckband design fan, since they are more stable on the neck, and the Legato Arc Neckband headphones that are with me now are no exeption, today we’re taking a look at this new device made by spigen, yes I was surprised that spigen make headphones, but lets see if they have the same quality as their smartphone cases.

These retails for $99 and it promises great design, sound and features, so does it worth the price, well you’re going to find out now.

Unboxing the Legato Arc

Legato Arc

Nothing special in the unboxing experience, you just get the headphones, some extra eartips and the paper work. first thing to notice is these are very lighweight, they are all made of plastic, and they are pretty flexible, so no worries about beaking them out. I wore them all day and they are pretty comfortable.

once on your neck, a cool addition is the retractable cables, like on the LG tone Infinim, you just pull to get the length you want, and just make a small pull and let them roll back if you’re not using them, this avoid them to bounce on your chest when you walk. Sometimes rolling them back does not work perfect, you just have to do the pull part twice or more.

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On the other hand, the eartips fit well and it is hard to make them fall down when walking or running.


On the right side you get this multi use button for powering on and off the device, picking up calls and also changing the music mode by double clicking it, and this is something I appreciate, you get to use between 3 pre-programmed equalizer modes, bass, mid and treble according to your taste, but more on sound quality in a little bit.

When powering the device ON, you get a battery status voice indication, telling you if battery is high or low, a good thought from legato to know about charging it from the beginning. So as far as design goes, these are good, lightweight, retractable cables, good fit and clean look.

Legato Arc R72E

Legato Arc is equipped with one of the biggest driver (14 mm Phi receiver) that produce deep bass and sound quality!


So what about sound, well the company claims that the Legato Arc has one of the biggest 14mm drivers on earbuds and the Qualcomm apt X for high quality Bluetooth audio transmission. But here is my opinion, these guys want to focus on bass, and they succeeded because it is a good strong bass you’re getting, but that has affected the high and mid frequencies in a way you get a compressed sound instead of a wide one, But as I said the three sound modes can help you get the tone you want if you want clearer mids and lower bass. At maximum volume, the sound was clear and there was no distortion.

Some extra features are here to complete the package, like getting the battery level when powering ON the device, getting a sound saying “call ended” when you hang up from a phone call, and also receiving a vibration alert on your neck when receiving a call. and talking about calls, the caller sound is pretty clear while he can clearly hear me on the other side.

  • Comfortable To Wear
  • Retractable Cables
  • Vibration Alerts
  • Good Battery Life

  • Lack of ANC
  • Sound is just OK for the Price

The battery life on these are great, according to my testing, you get between 9 and 10 hours of listening time on a single 2 hours recharging time.

Legato Arc – Bottom line

Here is the bottom line, These are well-designed and lightweight neckbands, coming with some cool features like vibrations alerts and retractable cables. But do they worth the $99 price? Well to keep it short, they are too expensive for the sound they deliver, don’t get me wrong because the sound is good, but for $99 you can get other earbuds with better sound, and I have already reviewed some of them on this website.

If these guys drops under $70 bucks, yes get them they are great headphones with strong bass. Well hope this review was helpful, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below !

7.4 Total Score
Good Bass and Very Comfortable

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