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Leophile ZERO Review – Best Wireless Neckband Headphones ?

Last time I have reviewed a bluetooth headphone, it was from the same company, Leophile, and it was the EEL neckband, those had really a great sound, but now Leophile came up with a new pair called the Leophile ZERO that adds a premium touch to the hardware and features, and this upgrade will obviously add more money to spend, but does they worth the price ? this is my review on the Leophile ZERO Active Noise Cancelling wireless headphones.

Hardware Overview and Convenience

First, lets take a look the extra accessories, you get the usual extra eartips, the pre installed ones were fine for me, along with the USB charging cable, and also a very useful addition of an Audio USB to Jack cable, so in case your battery dies, these will come very handy. And finally there is an extra soft leather bag to carry the device along with accessories.

Now lets take a look at the new design, just to remind you, the first version, the EEL was a silicone and plastic designed, this one is more premium, the neckband comes in black leather, while the two sides are a combination of metal and plastic, I actually like the look. The cables going to your ears are still not retractable, but that does not bother me.

Video Review at the end!

On the left side you find the useful buttons for powering the device, skipping songs, changing the volume and picking up your phone calls, I like the buttons design on this one since I get to feel their shapes without having to look and try to find the right one.

A Micro USB port for charging the battery and plugging the audio AUX cable is on the bottom, along with a switch for turning ON and OFF the Active Noise Cancelling feature, but more on that later.

As I have said in my previous review, the neckband style is the most convenient when it comes to wireless headphones, as it removes all the weight from your ears to your neck, and the Leophile ZERO neckband is one of those, the leather strap feels comfortable on the neck and does not cause any skin rush, while the metallic sides only adds a good look, not a heavy weight.

Leophile ZERO Wireless Neckband Headphones

Comfort and pleasure in airplanes, subways and anywhere you like!

$99.99 $139.99

I’m now using this in different situations, I have tested them at my workplace, transit, daily life, and also in sport training, and here is my opinion, these are perfect for commuting, using them at work, at home and when taking walks, and they are just okay when making sport activities, but the previous budget version is slithery better for sport activities because it has a lighter weight, I felt it was more stable on my neck when running. But for an overall experience, here is why this one is way better.

Leophile ZERO Features

So here is what you get for a 100$ price, beside of the premium and beautiful design, you get a louder and clearer sound without remarkable distortion at max volume, the bass is pure, while the mids and highs are pretty clear, and the most important thing is that your ears does not get tired from listening for long hours.

When paired with your smartphone, a cool feature is getting vibration alerts for incoming calls, so if you’re just wearing these while the earbuds are not in your ears, this part will vibrate on your neck or shoulder to notify you about calls, I really appreciate this feature because it helps a lot when in noisy places.

I’m actually enjoying music coming from these, and to further justify the price, you get the ANC, so in case you’re commuting or taking the plane, this feature is supposed to eliminate the noise outside when activated, and according to my testing, Active Noise Cancelling was not as I’ve expected, it is just average, not great, because it does not entirely eliminate exterior noise, unless you increase the volume, so I think there are other headphones with better ANC.

  • Premuim Design
  • Clear and Pure Sound
  • Great Battery
  • Vibration Alerts
  • Comfortable To Wear

  • Not Waterproof
  • ANC could be better

it is true that you get a better design, better sound and some features like vibrations and ANC, but for this improvement, you have to sacrifice waterproofing, which was available in the previous version, it is not a deal breaker for me since I don’t use this for surfing or other water activities.

A strong reason for me to stick with the Leophile ZERO is the strong battery life, these small guys can easily last for 20 hours, but if you activate ANC, you will get about 15 hours on a single charge, with a 2 hours charging time, and I think no other neckband can beat these in the battery department. And in case you run out of juice, you can always use it in wired mode by plugging the extra audio cable.

Leophile Zero Bottom line

So as a conclusion, the Leophile ZERO is now my favourite neckband wireless headphone, I enjoy every music bit coming from them, they are good looking and comfortable to wear, they come with a great battery and a pure sound, and while vibration call alerts and the extra AUX cable are a nifty addition, ANC could be better improved, and if you’re a surfing person, these are not waterproof, so keep that in mind.

I think what the company can do next, is to develop its own Android and iOS app, and let the user further control the sound and make it suitable for his own taste.

So this was my review on the Leophile ZERO wireless headphones, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section!


8.2 Total Score
Great Premuim Headphones!

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