LG Has Now Its Own VR Headset


LG seems to be exploiting its QHD LG G3 screen to enter in the virtual reality world, the company has announced their own VR headset that will work with their LG G3 flagship.

Similar to the Samsung Gear VR, LG is basing on the Google Card Board project to deliver its onw VR experience, the LG G 3 with the Quad HD display will make a perfect couple ! a perfect phone resolution that will help to make more VR Android Apps. The new headset is made of plastic, and LG claims that the G3 design with its rear-mounted volume and power buttons will help the users easily use the VR headset.

Unlike the Google Cardboard, the LG headset will not be sold seperatly, the new VR wearable will be only sold with the G3 smartphone, also, new buyers of a G3 will benifits from a promotional giveaway, the promotion will also include a QR code in the phone’s packaging, which buyers can use to download the VR game Robobliteration.