LG Urban Watch Already Has An Upgraded Fancy Version


LG seem to be hitting the smartwatches market big this year, first with it Urban watch, and now, before even releasing the latest one, LG reveals an upgraded version of the LG Urban Watch, the Watch Urbane LTE. This version additionally includes LTE connectivity and extra features.

The LG Watch Urbane LTE does not use Android Wear and it will allow you to leave your phone at home, but not for a long time, the LG new premium watch will let you make call via LTE, share your GPS location and translate foreign speech, the smartwatch will be the second one to include NFC to support payment, and that’s after the Apple watch. These new features will surely need a stronger battery, and that’s what the company did, the battery is upgraded from 410 mAh to 700 mAh. The watch also includes three buttons on its side for quick setting and more features that you can know about next week, on the MWC 2015.