Logitech K400 Plus keyboard Review

I was not thinking about getting a wireless keyboard before, but when i got the Logitech K400 Plus wireless keyboard, i realized that a wireless keyboard is a must have for your house, there are plenty of wireless keyboards out there, but this one is very affordable and it just do the job, this is the Logitech K400 Plus wireless keyboard. You can also watch the video below for a clearer picture about this review.

​Unboxing the Logitech K400 Plus

First lets see what’s in the box, first you will find the keyboard itself, and a small USB dongle, it is the wireless transmitter and receiver that will let your Logitech connect to your devices. The K400 Plus works on double As batteries, and in order to put it into work, you need to remove a small yellow paper, it is here just to prevent draining the batteries when the device is in stock.


On the design department, the K400 Plus wireless keyboard looks really clean and small enough to be portable in your backpack or even in your hands, it is very lightweight so you can bring it anywhere with you. On the back of it, you can see a small switch, it is there to power it ON and OFF, you will see a red color if it is OFF, and it will turn green when it is ON, and here is something to know, those colors are not real lights, they are just colored plastic material.


On the front of the Keyboard, you will find the integrated trackpad so you can get rid of your mouse, and of course, all the letters you need to type your words, on the top of the trackpad, there are three volume control buttons, and on the left corner, the yellow button can replace the left button of your mouse, this  really helps a lot with navigating more comfortably while sitting in your bed or couch. but i really miss one feature here, it is the back-lit keys, but for this cheap price you cannot hope for more, but you still can get its older brother the Logitech K800 for this option.

Now lets take a look on how this thing works, on a Windows PC, first, you need to plug the small wireless USB dongle that came with the package, this is mandatory for your PC in order to detect the keyboard, after that, turn ON the Logitech K400 Plus from the hardware button, and just like magic, the keyboard will start working without the need of any other software, just press the buttons to type on your PC, or use the trackpad to navigate the  display. For Mac OS users, it is the same procedure as on the PC.

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard

a wireless portable keyboard for all of your devices!

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Logitech K400 Plus keyboard Review

Other than your PC, you can use the K400 Plus to navigate your smart TV too, you can also use it on your Android tablet or smartphone, but first, you need to get a USB adapter so you can plug the dongle on your Android device.

I use this keyboard a lot when i’m lying on my bed and when the PC is far away from me, i can navigate youtube and tchat with friends very comfortably, The K400 Plus Keyboard is available on Amazon with a very reasonable price.

8.4 Total Score
Very practical!

The Logitech K400 Plus is a wireless keyboard that can work on your Windows laptop, MAC computer, Android smartphone and even your smart TV

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