MAPO will be your connected beauty mask

If you are a woman and you are reading this post, you have probably applied a natural beauty mask on your face before, and if you are a man, well, you might have done it before, but you wont be ashamed when doing it the Techy Way! MAPO is here to be your connected beauty mask.

A French company called Wired Beauty is taking a new step in the world of skin care by launching the MAPO campaign, the device is a 3D printed mask made of medical grade silicone, on the inside of it, we can find different sensors placed on the key areas of the face, once putted on your face, those sensors will detect your skin’s moisture levels after applying the skincare products, beside of that, the device is provided with heating zones that will  help you to apply those products with an up to 40 degrees temperature.

MAPO mask comes with the Clinique Digital Android and an iOS app, once connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth, the mask can give you all the data you need, you will able to get advices about what type of products to use and what are your good and bad habits. The mask is now on kickstarter, and you can get it for $90 as an early pledge.