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Microsoft Band 2 Leaked photos and specs

The first Microsoft band was not that popular, it was almost covered by the Jawbone, Fitbit and other devices success, so the company is hoping to do a good job with the successor, the Band 2. The device is supposed to be unveiled next month, but according to reports from Microsoft Insider, these might be the pictures of the Microsoft Band 2.

These pictures should be taken carefully, but according to them, the design looks a lot like the old Samsung Gear Fit with that curved screen, well that’s not very attractive, unless Microsoft puts some interesting tech and features in it, the Band 1 was packed with powerful sensors that made it a great accurate fitness tracker, but with not that much success, so lets hope this one make it out for us! Anyway, we will have to wait until the 6th of October to figure it out. Until then checkout the photos below.