Microsoft Demonstrate Its HoloLens In An Amazing Way

For the occasion of the Microsoft Build annual event, the company unveiled their plans for the future, from Windows 10 to their new web browser Microsoft Edge issued from project Spartan, to their very new exciting product, the HoloLens, these augmented reality glasses that are very promising. Microsoft took the chance and demonstrate its HoloLens capabilities in a really very impressive way, so what can we expect ?


First, Microsoft showed how to make holographic panels inside a room containing holographic items, for example you can make a skype panel that you can pin to the wall and make your calls, and if you want to continue moving inside your house while making your call at the same time, you can use the “follow me” command, and the selected panel will follow you wherever you are! Mind Blowing right ? wait for the next demo.


Another very impressive demo is showing how medical students can holographically study the human anatomy, from bones to organs to a fully formed body, the glasses can demonstrate how organs works in an animated way.


And the more impressive video, is the video showing how Microsoft HoloLens can help architectural companies to develop their project, and bring them to reality before even being created like creating holographic building models, the device can improve collaboration and problem solving in an unbeleivable way.. The video below will impress you.
The great thing about HoloLens is that its capabilities are unlimited, you can always come with new useful ideas and develop new holographic apps that respond to your needs, it’s all up to your imagination.