Microsoft Hololens is available for Ordering now

The most existing VR/AR device is finally available for purchase, the Microsoft Hololens is still in its developer edition, and if you’re a Windows Insider registered, you will be to able to order it and wait for it to be shipped in March.

You will get the Hololens glasses (of course), along with a carry case, a Bluetooth controller and a spare nose-arch, and according to Microsoft, you will enjoy an “immediate access to hundreds of UWP apps through the Windows Store – great and familiar apps like OneDrive, Maps, Remote Desktop, People, Movies & TV, Groove Music and Microsoft Office apps.”

The device will come 2GB of RAM, the Microsoft HPU (Holographic Processing Unit) and 64GB of internal storage, the battery will only let you enjoy 2 to 3 hours of continious use. So if you’re exited about it, you may be willing to spend a $3000 for it, because that’s the price you will be paying!