Microsoft is working on an APP that will help blind poeple see the world!

Microsoft is already back to innovation with the Hololens, but this app is a whole new other level of innovation, the company is working on a new project called Seeing AI, an app that will help blind people see and feel the world around them.

Using a smartphone and special glasses, the AI can use the camera and the glasses sensors to detect object shapes and people faces to give the blind man an idea about what he is looking at, using the Microsoft facial recognition tool, the AI can also tell about people’s emotions. According to the video, this solution helped Shaikh to read the restaurant’s menu even there is no braille menu, Shaikh used his smartphone camera and instructions from the AI to take a photo of the menu, then the AI described the menu for him using a voice.

This could be a life changing project, and as it is still under development, you will witness more updates about it, until then, enjoy the video above.