Microsoft is working on its own VR Cardboard

First is was the HoloLens which still under development and improvement, the Augmented reality headset that amazed us, and now, Microsoft is also
focusing on virtual reality by introducing something like the Google Cardboard in the hackathon event in Russia.

The company is inviting and encouraging developers to attend the event scheduled on October 17 with their ideas and developed VR apps, and as a prize Microsoft is promising a VR-Kit for the best ideas so they can keep building their applications. The VR device by Microsoft is also made of cardboard, it allows you to insert your smartphone to live a virtual reality experience, and of course, your smartphone have to run Windows Phone.

Microsoft was the first one to introduce a very promising project about Augmented reality, which they also want to call mixed reality, but will they also impress us with VR? we can find out those answers very soon.