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Microsoft SemanticPaint Project For A better Augmented Reality

Microsoft is continuing to prove that their are, until now, the number one when is comes to virtual reality, first with the Microsoft Hololens applied on Minecraft, and now with this interesting demonstration called SemanticPaint. This project is focusing on 3D scanning using a Kinect, a technology that will help in many areas like self driving cars to detect objects and much more smart robots.

Using the Kinect, and like shown in the video, objects can be scanned by touching them and just label them using a voice command, for example when saying label the chair while touching it, the system will highlight the chair with a specific color, then automatically highlight the other chairs in the room
with the same color.

Interesting Video To Watch: The Microsoft Hololens Explained

According to Microsoft, this project will help alot: “from robot guidance, to aiding partially sighted people, to helping us find objects and navigate our worlds, or experience new types of augmented realities.”

  • Vertigo X

    Obviously still needs work but nonetheless really cool!