Microsoft update its Band 2 with more features

The Microsoft Band 2 is having a lot more success than its first generation, the device is having more positive reviews, and lets be honest, putting the design aside, the Band 2 is the most powerful fitness tracker in the market in term of features.

The company is now rolling a new software updates that adds more interesting features, once getting it, you will be able to control your music directly from your wrist, you can skip, pause, play and adjust the music volume without having to bring your smartphone out, and this works with all the music apps. The second interesting feature is the stationary exercise routines tracking, now the Band 2 will be able to track your heart rate, calories burned and other data without having to run or walk, the device will be able to track your health data when you are lifting weight, making sit-ups and more.. If you can’t find the your exercice name on the App, you can now create your own custom training type. And last on this update is the move reminder, the Microsoft fitness tracker will now reming you to move if you have been sitting and idle for a long time, you can also customize the times and days in which you want to get these reminders.

If you’re thinking of getting your own, the Microsoft Band 2 is available now on retailer stores, you can check it on Amazon.

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band helps you live healthier and more comfortable by tracking your health and bringing smartphone notifications.

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