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Misfit Unveils a Cyclist Edition of its Flash fitness tracker

Misfit Flash got a great success along with good reviews, that’s why before this year ends, the company released a new edition for its fitness tracker that is dedicated for cyclists that miss some cycling tracking features.

The new Flash comes with a clip holder so you can wear it on your shoes, the device pack a new cadence sensor that can track your activity while riding the bike, a Misfit Cyclist app is also available on Android and iOS, the app will collect data such as speed and distance, it also will get advantage of your phone’s  GPS to store your riding routes. If you’re not OK with the new app, the new bike-friendly Misfit can also work with popular cycling apps like MapMyRide, Strava, Wahoo and iBiker.

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Like the Older Misfit Flash, the new Cyclist Edition is up to 30 metres waterproof and packs the same 6 months long life battery, the device can also be used to to contol your devices using the smart button like the one on the Misfit Shine 2, you can for example take distant selfies and control your phone’s music. The new Misfit Flash is available on the company’s official website for $50.