CES 2016: Misfit unveils the MisFit Ray fitness tracker

You might didn’t read our report on Fossil buying the whole Misfit company, but there you know it now, after this important acquirement for both fashion and tech companies, Misfit is taking advantage of the CES 2016 to show a new wearable fitness tracker, the Misfit Ray.

The Misfit Ray wristband is a modular fitness tracker, which means that you can easily detach its heart and wear it as a wristband or as a pendant,  it is not an evolution evolution from the previous Flash or Shine 2, the device is completely redesigned by getting rid of the circular face and replacing it with an ordinary bracelet look. The Ray contains just one LED colorful light instead of the surrounding old lights on the Misfit Shine.

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The device can as usual track your steps, distances, burned calories and sleep beside of that, the Misfit Ray still can control your connected devices and home using the Misfit Link platform, you can take distant selfies, control your lighting, control your smartphone music apps and more..


The device kept the same 6 month battery life, it comes with two main colors which are rose gold and carbon black, you can already pre-order the Misfit Ray from the Misfit website or wait for this spring to get it from retailers.