MOOV Now Review – The Best in Coaching you

This time we are suggesting the MOOV Now fitness tracker review, we’re coming to a time where fitness tracking devices are beginning to reach a saturation in term of features, so in order for a device to be successful, the company behind it needs to improve the accuracy and features, so here are all the details about the MOOV Now.

Unboxing and Design


This time, the design is a different one compared to the older MOOV version, as you can see, the device strap is all provided with small aeration holes to make you wrist more comfortable when sweating, those holes are also there to slip in your security clasp, well this latter does not made it very easy to keep your band closed, sometimes you will get it opened specially when you’re sleeping.

Two silicon band straps are included in the box, a small and a large one, then you will find the small unit, the one that provides all the magic, you can put the circle inside your favorite strap and start to enjoy quantifying your health and fitness data, the device can be worn on your wrist or around your ankle depending on your choice and on the activity you’re making.



This fitness tracker is one of the best when it comes to the diversity of trainings that can be tracked, MOOV Now can track your basic training like running, but it can also track your stationary exercises, your swimming thanks to its 50m waterproofness, boxing and more, its most important feature is the smart coach, a personal coach that can boost and improve your training based on your real time activities, all you need is the smartphone app and a pair of earbuds to listen to your coach advices.

All those features are very cool, but the lack of GPS and heart rate monitors makes it a non complete fitness tracking device, which means that you cannot record your running routes using only the MOOV Now, you will have to carry your phone with you so the device can read those GPS data from the smartphone, you will also miss the HRM if you’re more into weight lifting and stationary exercises, something that we’ll love to see in the future.

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The older MOOV missed the daily activity tracking like steps and sleep, that’s why the new version included those metrics, but that still not enough, the daily metrics are not that interesting, you just get an overall look at your daily stats such as steps and active time, you will not be able to see the in depth data like on the Jawbone or the Fitbit, beside of that, sleep tracking is also inaccurate, the device start calculating your sleep even if you’re just lying on the bed, and if you forgot it on the table, the device will count that as an extra sleep time, which is not really good, but if you’re more into sport and real training, the next part of this review will change your mind.

Before moving to the next part, lets talk about the battery, the MOOV Now is equipped with a long lasting watch battery instead of the older rechargeable one, the new one can last up to 6 months, than you will need to replace it for an extra 6 other months.

Smart Coaching


This is the biggest thing where MOOV Now is different from any other fitness tracker, the device aims to improve your fitness state by introducing multiple training plans along with the voice smart coach, whether it is running or cycling, the coach will give you instructions, tell you how are you doing your training, and also give you tips on how to improve your way, cool right! But when you’re boxing or swimming, your activity will be mostly recorded and reported, coaching is more available for running and cycling.

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The training plans are there so you can pick the difficulty level, for example if you are running, you can choose from running efficiency or open training, you can also pick your goals such as “help me run farther and easier”, “improve my pace and distance” and “push me to the limit.”, the voice coach will then do what’s needed to get you to your goals.

When trying some different plans, i felt that the voice coach is giving me a hard time, well that’s not bad at all, this thing is pushing me to do it right, the coach will tell you things based on your performance, somethings like “take shorter strides“, “swing arms faster“, “shoulders back” and “don’t clench your fists“, “move your a** motherfu****“, well the last one is just a joke 😀

The App


If you remember last year’s MOOV, the device was accompanied with six different apps to track each type of activity aside, but with the new MOOV Now, all the apps are now integrated in a single one, making it more easy to use with all your data accessible in a one place.

When you want to start a new training session, you just need to tap the icons on the top to select your training, and everytime, you should press the device’s button to pair it to that session, the app will display your progress on every activity in the “My Progress” section, allowing you to have a glance at your stats and evolution. The app also allows you to pair a third party heart rate monitor using Bluetooth, something that you may need in stationary exercises.

  • Beautiful Design
  • Great Battery
  • Smart Voice Coaching
  • Centralized App
  • Very motivating

  • Lack of GPS
  • Lack of Hear Rate Monitor
  • Poor sleep tracking

When it comes to tracking your fitness progress, health advices, diversity of training sessions, the MOOV Now is definitely the best to choose, the device is the one that makes you feel your progress and try to achieve more, if you have anything to ask about MOOV Now, please leave your comments below, we will be glad to answer them!

8.4 Total Score
The best that motivates and boost your progress

A wearable fitness coach that actively monitors your tendencies, advises you on how to get the most from your workout..

Design and built quality
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