Narbis, The Neurofeedback Glasses That Train Your Brain


There are plenty of softwares out-there dedicated for training your brain on certain tasks, from web to mobile to desktop apps, but this new gadget recently launched on kickstarter is a revolutionary way to train your mind, and it is called the Narbis, The Neurofeedback Glasses. Neurofeedback is a technology that allow you to get feedback from your brain’s neuronal activities in many ways, Narbis will give you feedback in a visual form based on electrochromic lenses contained on the glasses, but how does this Narbis work ?!


Simply talking, the Narbis glasses are equipped with pending gold pins sensors like shown on the picture, these sensors will measure your brain patterns then send the signals to the electrochromic lenses, the glasses will then act depending on those measurings, if your attention drifts and you’re not focused, the glasses will darken, otherwise, they will be clear ! F**kin technology right !


The Narbis glasses comes with five training programs that hopely will be  located on an Android, iOS, Windows and Mac Apps and platforms, the five programs are about Focus, Performance, Sleep, Calm and Mood, the app will let you choose you favorite program, maybe you want to learn how to rapidly fall asleep or how to focus more on your tasks without drifting your  concentration away, and the good news is that you can do it while watching TV or reading a book…


The steps to your training are simple, wear the glasses, put the golden pins sensors on your head, make sure they touch your skin, and launch the Narbis app on your phone then connect to it using bluetooth, now, start your favorite training. The app will allow you to set your goals and track your performance. In order to get better results, the training should be made at least twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes, after 10 sessions, you will remark an improvement in your behaviour.


Want to get these super glasses ? chckout the pledging options on kickstarter.