Nexus 6 #WoodBack Case Review

Did you ever heard of the Nexus 6 #WoodBack Case, anyone ? well if not, you really need to know about it! This week, i have received my Nexus 6 #WoodBack case, and i really like it, so here is all about it.

Unboxing and First Impression (You can win a Prize!)

The case came lying inside a beautiful thin cardboard cover that contains a little opened window from which you can see a part of the case, the cover also contain some extra informations saying that the case is “Crafted from real wood“, well that’s what i was hoping.

After opening it, i also found a little cardboard book that contains the case informations like the used material which is again, a real wood, the company contact and its social media links, and guess what, i now eligible to enter in the monthly prize drawing! Like the little book said, i just have to take a picture of my #WoodBack case, tag it as #WoodBack and tweet it to @cover_up, that’s it, now i can win a monthly prize.


Now that i’m done reading some useful infos, i brought out the Nexus 6 #WoodBack Case. A cool unboxing experience.

The #WoodBack Case


First thing to remark, the case is really lightweight, when i first saw it in the online store, i thought it will be a heavy wooden case, but fortunately not. The case feature a wooden back as its name shows, and the sides are made of a black soft plastic, basically made of polycarbonate, the same for the case interior which feature a black blend of polycarbonate containing the company’s Logo. Another cool thing, i found a “thank you” note along with a smiley printed on the inner case, i don’t know if it is just for me or what! but i really love  this simple act.

The wooden back is really real!, so don’t expect a printed ugly thing that looks like wood, it is a real thin and hard layer of wood that will definitely protect your smartphone, the plastic and wood combination is just great.

The case contains a round space for your camera along with empty spaces for the power and volume buttons, and guess what, my Nexus 6 in now the most beautiful Nexus in the world! great protection, great grip and touch feeling, and a very attractive case, everyone is asking me, how did you customized your Nexus ?!

So if you like it, there are many types of wood to choose from, with different colors and styles that you can check here, if you don’t own a Nexus 6, that’s all right, Cover-Up got you all covered! The company has a wide range of cases for almost all devices, you can check them at the company’s Official Website.

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Best Wooden Case

The best for wood and nature lovers!

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