Northstar V1 body implant video is here, and it is crazy!

Well, we don’t know where to start, is this a crazy idea, or a good one! are you willing to do this to your body soon? anyway, this team from Grindhouse Wetware has already done it, the start-up that focuses on developing technology for biohackers, the people who modify their body with chip implants or magnets.

Northstar V1 LED implant is the first version of the body implant from the start-up, the device mainly aim to bring gesture control to your life, according to Grindhouse Wetware, the Northstar will allow you to control your devices like smartphone, smarthome equipments, door lock and unlocking using hand gestures. The coin sized implant is provided with Bluetooth in order to send those commands, and according to an old statement by the company, “Northstar V1, much like piercings and cosmetic surgeries, is purely for aesthetic purposes. It is a simple device that will prove the possibility of implanting technology in the body and will pave the way for more advanced and functional augmentations.

Northstar V1, much like piercings and cosmetic surgeries

This device can be now turned ON or Off using magnets..

A second version of the Northstar should be on the way, and according to the company, the next version will feature much more capabilities and a rechargeable battery! we don’t know if you have to sit close to a wireless charger for two hours to recharge your batteries! Anyway, the video of the implant is below, and here is our warning, it contains blood images and a procedure that you may don’t like! watch until the ends.