Now VR will help scientists walk inside Cancer Cells

It looks like Virtual Reality is not only for gaming, the 3D Visualization Aesthetics Lab at the University of New South Wales found a way to use VR headsets to walk into breast cancer cells! and here is how, and why.

John McGhee, the director of the lab wants to call this project “stuff of science fiction”, a high resolution electron microscope was used to extract data and recreate the cancer cell in virtual reality, the development platform called Unity, which is used video games, was also used to build a 3D mesh of the cell and add color, light and other effects.


scientists were able to see nano-particle drugs being absorbed using the HTC Vive VR headset, they have also used hand controllers to navigate the 3D scene. John McGhee said: “Once you immerse in a headset, it’s going to really help you to get your head around complicated processes versus if you just see something on a screen, It’s really allowing you to walk through data in a new way.

Another project is ongoing, the Oculus Rift VR headset will be used to rehabilitate patients with strokes, Steven Faux, director of rehabilitation at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney said: “We walk through the blood vessel with the patient and we recreate the stroke, If it was a slow closing off the blood vessels, we show that … if it was a clot that came from the heart and blocked a major blood vessel leading to the brain, we show that.

These new technologies can help patients get a clearer and better idea about their health issue when navigating the disease, which will help them to recover faster, it will also help doctors and scientist explore more possibilities in curing cancer and more chronic diseases.


Source: Mashable