Health And Fitness

Oaxis Wellness Suite, a Complete Health Tracking System


A Singapore based startup has launched three new linked products, called the Oaxis Wellness Suite, these fitness tracking devices will complete each others to give you the greatest fitness experience. The Wellness Suite is a combination oh two wristbands activity trackers, a smart bottle of water, and a smart scale.

The Wristbands

Two wristbands are provided, the first one is called the O2 Fitness Band and it will track your heart rate (bpm) is its resting and active states and displaying it in real time, the device will use an electro-optical cell sensor, the band design is equipped with air flow channels to keep skin dry and cool. The second wristband is called the Ji Cheng Fitness Band, it is dedicated to track daily activities like steps, calories burned and sleep. Why two separate ones? i don’t know, but it would be better to wear the one with the display in the gym, and wear the other in your normal daily activities.

The two bands are synced with the LifeBalanz app, the app will give you your fluid loss statistics calculated based on the recorded O2 band activities.

Vita Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle


the Vita Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle is a a bluetooth connected bottle of water, it is provided with small displays to show to water temperature, purity and volume, the bottle is smart enough to tell you when you need to drink based on your activities recorded by the wristbands, so you’ll be sure you’re doing right thing, that’s instead of sticking with the standard 8 glasses of water.

Glo Smart Bluetooth Body Analyzer


This is the smart scale, it will not only give you your regular weight, the device will analyze your body fat, bone mass, body water index, body age and many more informations using bioelectrical impedance sensors. These informations are recorded then transferred to the app to recommend your suitable needed workouts.

The Wellness Suite is now on Pozible for your pledges, the shipping is expected in September, and the prices vary depending on your choice of wearables.