The Oculus Rift Consumer Edition is Unveiled


No more developer kit, the Oculus Rift is now opened for all consumers, today, the company unveiled the final ready to ship version of the Oculus Rift, the almost most wanted virtual reality headset. After a long waiting period, now you can get your own device.

Beside of the slightly changed design, which is the black matter fabric wrapped frame containing two OLED screens and an integrated removable headphones, the Oculus Rift is now on a partnership with Microsoft, which will get you wireless Xbox One controller shipped with the headset, the partnership will also let the users enjoy Xbox One games on the Oculus.


If you need your glasses to play the game, no problem, the design took that in consideration, also, the headset comes with adjustable slider to let you change the distance between your eyes and the eye lenses.

Brendan Iribe, the Oculus CEO said: “We wanted to revolutionize gaming, and transform the way we experience entertainment. We set out to finally deliver on the dream of virtual reality, 2D screens have divided us from visceral, digital experiences, but Oculus let people cross that threshold. It lets us experience anything, anywhere.


The second big annoucement is the Oculus Touch “Half Moon”, two controllers that will go on each hand, before this, users were just able to tap a touchpad on the side of the headset while moving their heads, otherwise, they had to build new platforms and use third party controllers. But with this new Oculus Touch, the player will be able to fully enjoy new games that will be released by the company, the controllers also feature a haptic feedback that can make you feel like you’re touching something in the game, cool right!

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Until now, the company did not communicated the headset price, but its availability is expected on the Q1 of 2016, more announcement to come on the annual E3 video game convention in Los Angeles starting on the 16th of June.