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Ollinfit wearable will be your real time coach

Fitness trackers alone cannot give you a complete training experience, and as an amateur or an ordinary sport practicer, you will always need a coach to tell you what to do and how to do it, this is why a new campaign is launched on kickstarter to bring a set of fitness wearables that also act as a real time coach, it is called the Ollinfit.

Ollinfit wearables are specially designed for weight lifting gym users, the real time coaching and fitness tracking system is a set of three small wearable sensors that could be worn around your wrist, your chest, legs or shoes using a band, the devices will act like motion trackers while you’re lifting weight, the sensors will know if you’re doing it wrong then advice you via vibrations and voice. The Ollinfit will tell you how to adjust your position and give you stats on a dedicated Android and iOS app, the stats are represented by graphics for counting reps, estimating burned calories and rating how heavy the weights are.


access to professional fitness training advice shouldn’t be a luxury for a select few

The team working on this project posted: “The primary driver of our new product is our belief that access to professional fitness training advice shouldn’t be a luxury for a select few. With the rising costs of personal training sessions, beginners often turn to their friends or do their own research and often get conflicting or bad advice. Worst, they start developing bad exercise habits that often lead to injuries.

On May 2016, the device will start shipping, so if you want to get your set , you can pledge them on kickstarter for CAD$131 before the price goes to CAD$199 after the campaign.