OUKITEL A28 Smartwatch Review

The smartwatch market is about to explode! the number of the newly unveiled devices is raising very fast, and all companies are trying to give their best, and believe it or not, smartwatches are going to be a necessary thing in our daily lives, a device that will make much more things easier. So you  might be thinking of getting your own device, but that will cost you much money if you’re going for flagships, that’s why many companies are producing much more cheaper smartwatches with almost the same functionalities! It is hard to choose a cheaper model with a high performance due to the large choice, that’s why we are picking the OUKITEL A28 Smartwatch to review it, a device that have so much to say with a very surprising price!

OUKITEL is known of designing and producing great smartphones with a completely surprising price, the company wanted to extend its success to wearables, that’s when the OUKITEL A28 SmartWatch was born.


The A28 SmartWatch is equipped with a 1.54 inch IPS touchscreen having a resolution of 240 x 240 px, from the first look, the device looks good, a genuine leather band and a near rectangular screen, the device size is also great, something that could suit men as well as women. The device casing is made of stainless steel, and you can choose from two casing colors depending on the watch itself,gold or silver color, the two available leather bands are black and brown colored, and unfortunately, you can’t replace them, you just have to go with the available options. The device comes with a charging dock, along with its charging mini USB cable.

Oukitel A28

So to power it on, put it first on charging for about 3 hours, then unplug the charger an power it on using the side button, the screen will light up, it is a beautiful screen, but you can’t expect more for that price, one thing you can also remark is the big bezel around the display, well, that does not bother me! The device comes packed with 4 different watch faces to choose from, and they are pretty good.

The the A28 Smartwatch works with both Android and iOS devices, so to set it up on Android, you just need to scan the QR code on the smart watch to download app, and for your iPhone, you will have to download the Mediatek SmartDevice app from the App store.


For this price, you can’t expect that much options and capabilities, but guess what, this smartwatch have a lot to say! the A28 syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, once synced, the device will bring your smartphone notifications such as facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS and more.. and if you are an Android user, you will be lucky enough to answer those messages from the watch, but if you’re more into iOS you will not enjoy this addition. When a call is received on your phone, you can answer it, well, sorry again iOS users.

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Beside notifications, the OUKITEL is also there to track your daily activities, steps and walked distances using the pedometer, it will monitor your slept hours and also act like a health assistant by reminding you to move with gentle vibrations after a long time sitting, so to receive these kind of reminders, don’t think the watch will do them alone, you need to set the alarm interval between 30 and 300 minutes, and for more health tracking, the included heart rate monitor is surprisingly accurate! All those data are stored in the watch, so don’t expect the standard app to give them to you, if you want to read you steps or sleeping history, you can find them directly on the watch.


The watch face act like a lock screen, swiping it away will bring you the apps behind so you can also swipe and navigate through them, and if you want to get back to time displaying, just wait a little time for it.

What about remotely controlling your smartphone, the OUKITEL does it as well, the device can be used to remotely take photos with your phone’s cameras, a great way to ignore some useless selfies, but wait, if you’re an iOS user, you can’t enjoy this feature, but you can still control your music player from the watch, and if you lost your phone, the A28 will help you finding it, the device can make your phone ring when it is lost so you easily find it. In order to light up the screen, you need to raise up your hands then flip them gently or press the power button on the side, the A28 device can also resist some water, but do not take it under the shower or for swimming, it will be dead!

  • Cheap price
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Good build material

  • The screen is not scratch proof
  • Low quality app

App and Battery

The app is not a home made one, but it is the MediaTek Smart Device app which can connect both your android and iOS devices to your wearable gadgets, and that’s via Bluetooth SPP in order to deliver notifications and other informations from the phone. Setting up the watch with the app will give you a little hard time, so to do it easily, try to delete your history of all the old bluetooth connected devices, and scan again for the OUKITEL, this should work fine, and so you know, this is not the A28 issue to hadrly sync, it is because of the app itself.

Like mentioned before, the Smartwatch store your fitness data so you can directly access them on the device, in this case, the MediaTek app will not contain any activity tracking data, it is only there to configure your apps notifications via Bluetooth.

Coming to the 250mAh battery, its life depends on how you use the watch, if it is not all the time connected to your phone via Bluetooth, the device can last between 3 and 4 days on a single charge of the, but if the bluetooth is always on, the battery will only last for about 24 hours or less. So it is up to how you use it!

I did not had the chance to review all the cheap smartwatches in the market, but the OUKITEL A28 is surely one of the best in its area out there, you can find this on Gearbest with free shipping, and if you want to go for another choice, other smart watches can be found on So look below to see our rating to this device, you can also rate it yourself by leaving your comments.

7.5 Total Score
Excellent Smartwatch for the low price!

A28, a functional smart watch, gives a lot of convenience to your life. In addition, A28 takes responsibilities for your health.

Quality-Price report
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  • Critic_W

    I’ve owned this product for two years. Great watch for the money … but, you do get what you pay for. Looks good, works well, very good for hands free phone answering, but some functions are quite lacking, the heart rate monitor is not very good, and mine’s tends to turn on by itself from time to time. I use the step counter everyday. It’s pretty good, but has its issues not always tracking. Generally that is the case with everything: Pretty good, but with some issue or another, some minor, others a bit more problematic. But the biggest problem by far is the flimsy and unreliable charging cable and cradle. Sometimes they work, others time they don’t. Happy I bought it, but wouldn’t buy again. I could recommend it, but with those issues clearly stated.