Panasonic Shows off Exoskeletons used in their Factory

We thought exoskeletons are still far away from reality, this “wearable robot” that was first launched in Japan was aimed to improve the human strength, we have thoughts that it could be used in the army, but another use is more important, it is helping the factory workers.

This is now a reality, not a science fiction, a new video from Panasonic showed that a team of workers from the company in Japan is actually using exoskeletons to help them lift boxes and accomplish several tasks that needs strength. The suit is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can last for 8 hours, the device is lightweight (13 pounds) and easy to wear. The company claim that the device can reduce the strain on the back when lifting up to 33 pounds.

You can check the video for more details about this futuristic and existent device!