Pebble is bringing contactless payment to its watches

Taking the steps of Android Pay for wearables and Apple Pay for the Apple Watch, Pebble also wants to bring NFC contactless payment to its smartwatches, but instead on including it directly in the smartwatch, the company is teaming up with FitPay to to bring this features via a smart strap.

Pebble smartwatch includes a smart accessory port that can be connected with extra hardware extensions in order to add some options and features, the new strap called Pagaré contactless payment Smartstrap is taking advantage of this port to bring NFC payment to the watch, and the like Pebble was first launched, Pagaré also wants to go live on a kickstarter campaign. Pebble said that it will invest a portion of its Kickstarter earnings to support the new smart watchband,  Eric Migicovsky, the Pebble CEO said “The Pagaré contactless payment Smartstrap is bringing a game-changing new feature to the Pebble Time family of products, This is the exact type of robust, new capability that we envisioned the open platform for smartstraps would create for Pebble.

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The Pagaré watchband will be provided with an NFC chip that features a card network tokenization to make those payments when attached to the Pebble watch, the strap will comes in three colour options, black, brown, and white, no price it yet revealed, but the Kickstarter campaign is planned to go live on January 2016.