Pebble Time Round, a new Pebble, a new horizon

From a very successful kickstarter campaign, Pebble has seen the light, if not the sun! and now going forward with straight steps, after the Pebble Time, the company is raising the bar with a new round smartwatch, the Pebble Time Round, and it is no longer a cheaper device.

The new device comes always with the e-paper colored display, but with a new design and a lot of customizations, the new Pebble is available in two sized variants, the 14mm and 20mm band sized, and according to Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky the 14 mm is the first smartwatch that will actually look and feel appropriate on women’s wrists. So the company is betting on hitting more women’s hands with that sleek thin design and beautiful finishes options which are the Black, Silver and Rose Gold.


Pebble Time Round comes with the usual Timeline feature and works both with Android and iOS devices, and despite that sleeker and thinner design, the company still promises days of battery life. The design looks great, specially with the released SDK for watch faces and app developers to update their software for the new device, but look at that bezel, isn’t it really a big one? i think that bezel made the screen looking smaller than ever!

A step forward from the company to stay up in the rough competition, with all the new smartwatche’s big releases and updates, The Pebble Time Round is no longer a cheaper smartwatch, it is now priced at $249 and it can be pre-ordered from the Pebble’s website while waiting for it to be shipped in November.

  • Frank Lazar

    Some of us miss that $99 dollar price point.