Pokémon Go ported to ODG AR smartglasses

This might be the best way to play Pokémon Go, and it is using augmented reality glasses, and that’s what the ODG (Osterhout Design Group) thought too, the company took advantage of their already existing AR smartglasses that runs Android, made some tweaks and brought Pokémon Go to the platform.

According to Nima Shams, the vice president of ODG: “literally one of our software guys playing around with it and deciding to port the game onto  the glasses. A bunch of us are avid gamers and a bunch of us love Pokémon. The game came out, there are augmented reality glasses laying around the office, and one of them said ‘Let me port it over.’ It’s Android and we run Android so it was a pretty simple process.” She continued with saying: “The biggest hurdle was that Pokémon Go was designed more to be played in what’s referred to as portrait mode versus landscape mode. Our system is designed to give you the most immersive display which is more landscape mode. So we just had to tweak with our settings and display then say, Pretend you’re portrait mode until the game loads and then you’re done.

Instead of touch screen, we connected our ring controller and were off finding Pokémon.

The second hurdle was we have no touchscreen. But luckily we have a full ring controller that detects motions and gestures, you can fling, grab, and so on. Instead of touch screen, we connected our ring controller and were off finding Pokémon.

So as you must know, the game need the internet to run, and since the smartglasses does not have cellular connectivity, you will always need to be around WiFi to play it, and the only efficient solution to do is to create a WiFi Hotspot using your smartphone and enjoy catching some Pokémons!

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