Polar Loop 2 updated with smart notifications for Android users

Polar Loop first generation was a good fitness tracker, with a great accuracy, performance and battery life, now that the Polar Loop 2 is released (since about two months), an Android update is there to add some improvements and basically smart notifications.

With smart notifications activated, the 85 LED light display will bring you smartphones notifications such as incoming calls, messages or calendar reminders, the band will gently vibrate to notify you, then you will see a display indication whether it is a call, a message or a reminder. The Polar Loop 2 will track your 24 hours activities, walked distances and steps, burned calories and sleep quality, and if you are sitting for too long, the band will vibrate and remind you to move, the big selling point of the Loop 2 is the device’s full “waterproofness”, the WR20 rating makes it suitable for swimming.

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The wristband works both with Android and iOS devices when paired to the Flow app, and if you’re an Android user, you can now update your software and get smart notifications, simply update your Polar Loop 2 software to version 1.1 by connecting it to your computer and using the FlowSync software. After that, sync the band to your Android app, and activate the new notification option on the app settings. without those notifications the device was able to last for 8 or more days on a single charge, but when activating them, the band will only last for three days, so it is up to you to choose your settings.

Polar Loop 2 kept the same affordable price as the Loop 1 and has added software, and also hardware improvements, the plastic band is now a soft one that feels much more comfortable than the rigid first generation.