Power Over Wi-Fi Charging Could be Around The Corner


Imagine getting rid of your cables to recharge your smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, PCs and more, that would be cool right! but wait a minute, that already exist, and who does not know about wireless charging, but wait another minute! Can you now imagine charging your devices over the   Wi-Fi! That would be really incredible.

According to a Wired detailed report, A group of researchers wanted to transform Wi-Fi signals into DC power using the same existing Wi-Fi infra-structure, so they have updated an existing Asus router with a new software, then installed their batteries equipped with custom sensors. And the great news is that the batteries were charged from 28 feet away.

An impressive result, but there is still a limitation, the Wi-Fi router have only a one watt power output, which will not be sufficient for the 45 watts MacBook Air charger (just an example), so in order to regulate this problem, a discussion with the FCC “Federal Communications Commission” should be made.

Until then, you still have to wait a little more, but keep imagining charging your device at the same time when using the Wi-Fi network, the battery could be immortal! A very promising project that we will update you with its progress.