Press your finger to your ear, and now you can make phone calls !

We were kids, and we were playing this kind of phone call stuff, we just put our fingers in our ears and pretend to have a phone conversation, but unfortunately, no one will play this game again, because it is now a reality.

Sgnl is smart band that could be worn on your wrist as a stand alone device or as a regular watch strap, or you can add it to your smartwatch, this strap will add smart features to your dumb watch and to your wrist, thanks to its built in Bluetooth, you can get notifications like calls and text messages, but this is not the interesting part.


Sgnl strap is provided with new technology that will let you receive and hear voice calls through your fingertips, once worn on your wrist, and when receiving a phone call, pressing your finger to your ear will act as a sound conducting move, the device use a bone conduction actuator to transmit the sound vibrations from the strap or watch, to your hands, then to your finger tips, you will be then able to clearly hear the sound as you were using your phone, cool right!

This cool strap is now on kickstarter and you can contribute and get an early one for $139, the campaign has already collected a huge amount of $541 597.