Project Jacquard and Google Partnership with Levi’s to Create Interactive Clothing


A new project was unveiled by Google at the occasion of it IO 2015 event, beside the amazing announced Project Soli that will eventually bring gesture control to almost every gadget you have, Project Jacquard is another revolutionary idea.

Generally talking, Google wants to weave technology into fabric to create interactive clothing! Through the ATAP laboratory, the company wants to integrate circuitry into normal fabrics in an unnoticed way in order to normal tailoring and customer choice.

Ivan Poupyrev, the project manager said “Don’t think about this as a technology you have to use, think of it as an awesome denim jacket you buy because you want this denim jacket. On top of that, this jacket can have these amazing capabilities.” Well this seems fair enough right!


In order to demonstrate this project, Google gave the interactive fabric to the UK designer Saville Row to create a jacket, after that, Ivan Poupyrev worn it at the Google I/O event, although he did not go into much details, Poupyrev explained that the jacket could allow the wearer to answer phone calls by swiping one of the sleeves. Much more features could be integrated, while keeping the fabric quality and the customer choice the same.

Google went much more deeper by signing a partnership with Levi’s to explore creating interactive clothing,Paul Dillinger, the Levi’s head of global product innovation added: “If there’s a chance to enable the clothing we already love… to give us access to our digital world — while maintaining eye contact with the person you’re having dinner with — then that’s a project worth doing

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