PureWrist, a wristband for Contactless Payment


All the world is heading to not using cash for payments, first it was Paypal, then the Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and many more platforms, and now, it is the turn of your wrist to make the payment. PureWrist is a newly funded wristband that is designed to let you make contactless payments in all the stores where MasterCard Debit contactless payments are accepted.

How it works

The band is made of a soft silicone which makes it light and comfortable on your wrist, and in the inner side, the device is provided with a very small sized prepaid and reloadable debit card that’s already inserted and activated when receiving it, it is not another credit card, it is a debit card that can be loaded with funds using a dedicated web dashboard through an SLL secure connection, you just need to connect your bracelet account to a bank account or to your PayPal account.


Payment will be done just by passing your wrist on the contactless payment device, the PureWrist is also water resistant, so no fear of washing your hands or sweating while wearing it! So maybe you’re asking what to do if the bracelet is lost, well, all you need is to contact the customer support to get your web debit card deactivated until you find it.

Get one of the models?

The PureWrist is supported by Gratitude Contactless Prepaid MasterCard, the project was already funded on indiegogo for 107% of its goal,  but you still can preorder it from the buttons below, but keep in mind, you’ll have a to pay a $4.99 monthly subscription fee beside of the device normal price. The device comes in two variants called the Kathryn and the Jerome, the first one is named for the memory of a dear friend of the founders who passed away from cancer, and the second was named after an inspirational friend of the founders who made an impact on the communities he served by always giving to charity.


  • James A Parr

    This says it works with PayPal. So, will my debit card already tied to PayPal (Visa) work?

  • ramiraouagi

    i think you can use your paypal linked with your VISA card, but anyway, i think you should ask the customer support first to get this thing clearer

  • James A Parr

    Thanks…will do.